Why I created the Annual Brand Package

What inspired your favourite ‘TOG o’th North’ to create and Annual Brand Photoshoot package? On brand, scroll stopping imagery aligned to your marketing and content strategy. My reason for creating the Annual brand package is as simple as that. Ok, so let’s break it down some more.

On Brand

I work with entrepreneurs who now know clearly what their brand is. That’s more than a website, logo and lovely colour palette, that’s their messaging, the way they communicate and the way they show up to their ideal clients and audience in their imagery, their written content, their lives and videos and in person. Often my clients have had a previous photoshoot in their business, but as their businesses have developed and grown and they have really developed their brand, they realise that the images they have aren’t aligned with their brand.

northern brand photographer

Aligned to you marketing and content planning

So, brand images are more than just nice pictures of you (shock horror!), they actually need to align to your marketing and content plans. What are you launching next? What’s in the pipeline? All this should be a critical part of the planning process for your branding shoot. I use one of my annual brand clients Ellen as an example of this. She runs fitness bootcamps for women and high energy Glow Fit sessions, but she is launching her wellbeing, mindfulness and Pilates sessions. So, images of her bouncing around are not the right images for that particular time and would not align with her marketing and content plan. Asking what is happening and when in a business is key. What are the key messages and products!



Whoa! I am TIME POOR! Yep, I really don’t know how I fit everything into my week sometimes and I always feel like some element of my life is suffering as a result (usually my waistline). The Annual brand package can save HOURS in a year for clients. By not having to plan and style your own shoot and then take a gazillion shots to get one usable image, or search stock image sites tirelessly to get images that aren’t actually bespoke to your brand, you get to bank extra hours to work ON your business rather than just in it. And that is when you will see the bottom line grow. With the annual package you get enough content to use across your social media, websites and marketing materials for a whole YEAR. The cost is also cheaper by booking an annual package so, for my annual brand shoots you save over £650 in a year! Your individual, on brand, bespoke images cost under £6, which is such good value for money when you consider the price of stock images in comparison!

northern brand photographer

Relaxed and reassured

I love working with client’s time and again. There is nothing nicer than when you build up that relationship, and often friendship with clients. And the more we work together, the more we get from a shoot as we both become familiar with one another. All those pre shoot anxieties go away, because you know me, you know how I work, and you know I will have you in stitches for most of the day! Isn’t it lovely when you work with people who just get you? I know with my coaches that they get me. So, we don’t have to spend every session getting to know one another and it means we get so much more out of our sessions, and I am able to share more of ME with them.

Personal brand shoot

So, if you’ve ever wondered what an annual shoot was all about and why they are worth doing, this is my take on the benefits of an annual package and the reason I created them as an integral part of my package.