What’s all the ‘who ha’ about you being so visible?!

Right, here it goes straight up! ‘People buy from people’! If you want to grow your business it’s so important that you show up and start building an online visibility which includes YOU. You as a personal brand.

Posting images of your products or services just isn’t enough if you want to compete in the marketplace. Your potential clients need to see you in order to start building up the ever banged on about KNOW, LIKE & TRUST with your brand. So what? Well all this helps in the psychology of sales, so, this all equates to more sales (and isn’t that what we want in business?). I love this quote about how important personal branding is when building your brand identity.

“Even individuals need to develop a brand for themselves…..whatever your area of expertise, you can take the steps to make people think of YOU when they think of your field.” By Accelepoint Webzine

So, let me ask you, how personally visible are you being within your business? Want to do a quick check on this? Let’s start by looking on your Instagram grid. Are you showing up at least once in every 9 tiles? If not, you should be! Look at your website, again, are you showing up???? I don’t just mean 1 image of you on the about me page, I want to see more of you. I’m going to say it again. People buy from people. So, you have to show up!

We are about to go into a new decade in the 21st century right? And technology without a shadow of a doubt rules. Social media dominates and shopping is increasingly taking place online; a business’s first impression is usually being made online and within 8 seconds of someone landing on your page! Hell, most marketing now is entirely virtual! That is why imagery is increasingly important in showcasing your brand.

“stop your ideal clients scrolling in an instant with the power of an image”

90% of a first impression is visual. The copy is so crucial when selling, but hey, you need people to stop there to read your message and offer first, right?

There’s a lot more I can write about including the many questions that this blog will generate, from ‘what’s the benefit of iPhone images vs a professional shoot’, to ‘how to overcome self-confidence issues’, so look out for more blogs to come.

If you want images that really capture the essence of your business so that your customers are instantly engaged and want to buy from you then we need to talk! I want you to stand out from the competitors with attention grabbing, scroll stopping imagery.