Visual content that profits

As a visibility strategist and personal brand photographer, I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing entrepreneurs. Planning the type of imagery, you want before picking up a camera though is a crucial part of the success of your visibility strategy as well as ensuring that you maximise the investment you’re making in photography (whether paying a professional or spending your own precious time you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible).

It’s no good just having a gallery of lovely images of you. Images need to tell a story, to communicate and share so much about your brand. Why, because we have to show up with purpose and intention for our audience. Yep. So, here are some tips on planning your images.

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Know your ideal client

Who are they? I want you to know them so well. Like they are you BFF. Think about whether they are a client you have worked with in the past, someone you aspire to work with, or someone you have created yourself. Knowing your client impacts on the locations you shoot in, the messaging you have in your content plan and so much more. It’s such a useful exercise to revisit your ideal client frequently. I revisit mine every quarter as my business evolves, and to check that my ideal client profile is still relevant for my business.

Content Plan

Look at your content plan for the next quarter. If you don’t have one here’s how I do mine.

A) Map out 4, 8, 12 weeks…whatever feels manageable. At the top of each week set a goal for the week. What is it you want to communicate with your clients? Think about your brand values, your client’s pain points/struggles….

B) From that topic create a blog title

C) from that blog title create a daily post topic

D) break each day’s topic down into story content. Map out days when you can also share behind the scenes, client testimonials too to add more content.

E) think about those daily post topics, are there any specific ideas that spring to mind for those topics. E.g. what I do…an image of your working.

lady in black jacket eating watermelon

Brand Identity

There are 4 components to brand identity, I’m going to touch on 1 often overlooked one here and the reason many people struggle so much with their visibility and building the business they dream of.

Know your brand voice, personality and values. It’s such a fundamental part of the process and so often the thing that most businesses are missing. Knowing how you want to show up, how you will sound in images, as well as lives, emails, videos, captions etc (remember, a picture speaks a thousand words!). Next week I’m covering how to start creating the process.


Start thinking about locations. Locations that reflect you and also resonate with your ideal client. If your ideal client is outdoorsy and it reflects your brand, look at relevant outdoor locations


Let’s just qualify that you do Not have to invest in a whole new wardrobe for your brand shoot (unless you have been dying for an excuse to buy new clothes!). You need to show up as you still. Remember when people meet you in person, they expect to see you as you show up in your images. Your images are just a more polished version of you.

lady sitting on grass in park with fountain behind


What types of props and accessories can you incorporate into your shots? What tells the story of who you are, what you do and why you do it? Props are great too as so often we don’t know what to do with our hands when we come to having our picture taken. It’s totally normal and props can really help with this as they give your hands something to do.


Where will you use your images? Think about how you want to use them and where so you can think about the different crops you want. If you don’t use Instagram stories, do you need a full gallery of portrait crops…nope! So, think about where you will use them. Do you like to add text captions to images? If so, you need to think about having images created that allow the space for these.

lady giving a thumbs upSo, there you have it. The key things to think about before you ever step foot in front of a camera. And don’t forget, if you want to use a professional photographer then make sure you pick the right one for you. Check out my earlier blog here for advice on this. I’m always here if you want to chat through your own visibility strategy and plans for the future. I really do want you to succeed and be living the life of your dreams. Just get in touch here.


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