Successful businesses and good imagery

As a personal brand photographer I live and breath all things visibility marketing. Why, because they key to a sucessful business is good imagery and good use of imagery and knowing how to show up. Today I wanted to explore more about what constitutes good imagery for us as businesses and how that can make the difference between a thriving and surviving business.

A study carried out by PR News found that online content with good images get 94% more views than those without. Yes, that’s right 94%!

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  1. Psychology of imagery

Successful companies understand the psychology of the human brain. Our brains do not like to have to expend calories unnecessarily, so things that are easier for the brain to process are always going to win over things that aren’t. When it comes to imagery, and here I’m thinking Instagram Grids, having images that flow together and have the same lighting effects and editing style applied to them all and have a similar feel, colour palette and so on make it easier for the eye and the brain to process. OK, so what difference does that make to my business. Well that means a potential client is likely to stay on your page longer and is more likely to start following you. Once you’ve got them following you then you can start the process of nurturing them through your sales process.

2. Your shop front

It makes you look professional. Having good, on brand imagery instantly sets you up to look more professional, and that helps garner trust with potential clients. Let’s look at it this way, you would be less inclined to go into the shop that didn’t have an appealing shop front to draw you in, would you? So, think of you grid on Instagram and your imagery on Facebook, your website, blogs etc as your shop window. Wherever your ideal client might encounter you is where you need that professional imagery to entice them in!

3.Visibility and consistency

So, you’ve got your ideal client interested in your brand, how are you going to get them to stick around and really enter the sales process? You’re going to show up….…. A lot. Using on brand imagery to communicate your brand ‘voice’ means that you are making it an easier experience for your ideal client to get to know, like and trust you as they recognise your brand, and because you are appearing time and time again for them they will be positioned in the right mindset then when you want to sell to them.

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The successful brands out there have realised and avoided the two common reasons many businesses cite for not reaching their marketing and sales goals:


Lots of successful brands are so busy with the day-to-day running of their businesses that creating images comes second place to other seemingly more pressing tasks. Although creating awesome imagery seems like a time-consuming task, once an image is created that image can then be used hundreds of times to help your business to grow. It’s a matter of investing now to build the foundations, and success will follow.


Although there are lots of great smartphone cameras around, getting the subject matter, lighting and composition correct to generate great images is quite a skill. Investing in great imagery by using a professional camera and/or photographer is going to create a strong image bank which can be used time and time again across all manner of platforms. Image creation should really form part of your marketing budget to ensure that your brand remains relevant and compelling.


When it comes to the crunch – you can lead a customer to your product or service online, but unless it looks alluring (and that includes you showing up authentically as you) and the image confirms that they need your product or service in their life, the customer will drop off at the final moment and they won’t complete the transaction/engage with your brand.

Don’t let time and money be the barrier to your success. This is 2020 and it is YOUR year. If you want me to have a look through your current imagery and how you’re using it, why not book in for a 15 minute chat and lets see if I can help.