Popularity vs Ability

What do you even think of when somebody says brand visibility? Showing up? Having a website, posting on social media? Yes, you’re right, but visibility is more than just a daily post on Instagram or Facebook. Visibility is showing up with intention, visibility is showing up with a strategy behind you knowing how you want to show up.

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It’s about relationships

Visibility is about creating relationships, about nurturing an audience and about creating an emotional connection with your clients through the power of your brand visibility. Audiences want to connect with a brand who shares the same or similar core values to them. They want to feel confident they’re going to be served in a way that relates to their needs on many levels, and this is why your brand visibility is so important, so important to make sure you’ve got core values there at the centre of everything that you do and everything that you say and the way that you show up. These are the things that are going to build that relationship with your audience and once we do that, we can nurture our audience into the buyers cycle because they know us, like us and trust us and then we can look to sell.

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It takes time

Visibility is a process. A process that takes time, like when you start dating someone and get into a relationship….you have to build that over time.

My field of expertise is as a Brand photographer. Social media and the digital world are noisy places. We are bombarded with information.  Two years ago there used to be six touch points before someone would potentially buy from us,  it’s now 27! Why because there is so much noise there, so much competition. So, with visibility it’s not enough to just show up, we have to show up with intention, we have to stand out.

How can we do that? There are number of ways.  We have to know our values we have to know our goals we have to understand our client, our clients pain points, what is the problem that we’re going to solve,  and we have to tap into them on an emotional level. For me, that’s using the power of an image, an image that (to use a well know phrase) ‘speaks a thousand words’. We can write amazing captions and posts, but if we don’t grab the attention with an image, why would anyone choose to read on?!

The power of imagery is so, so, so important and so underestimated. I always think of imagery as the hook to get people in.


You have to KNOW your client.

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“I would highly recommend the investment , because what you come away with you can repurpose and use multiple times due to the quality and diversity Viv brings to the creative table.”

Dawni Baxter

Popularity vs quality

Ideally, businesses who have the most ability and highest quality of service or products would be the ones who receive the most customers. But the reality is that business is first a popularity contest before an ability contest. People consider visibility to equal credibility. If they don’t know who you are, they won’t choose you, which is why an investment in your business’ visibility is an investment in its success. Imagine you are shopping for a coach. You start to do your research on the best coaches. Who pops up? Not necessarily the best coaches. Just the best marketed ones!

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Where to start?

The biggest obstacle behind being visible for so many people is they don’t know what to do. I used to suffer the same problem. What do I do? Where should I be? What should I post? What should I write? I don’t have enough images, I don’t have time, I hate the way I look, people are going to judge me….. There are so many issues that we face on a personal level as entrepreneurs, but actually who are we doing a disservice to if we don’t show up? OURSELVES and our CUSTOMERS. Ourselves because we are not creating the businesses that we probably dreamed of, we may not be creating a financially sustainable living or feel frustrated that we aren’t making progress. And our clients because we’re not helping them! Yes, there are competitors out there who can help but if you want to create a sustainable business you have to stand out you have to be out there. How can you be a contender if you they don’t know you exist?


Don’t be the invisible woman. Get in touch.