Is it really expensive?!

At last….the end is in sight! Yep, I don’t know about you but I am freaking sick of winter. After what seems like the windiest, wettest and stormiest February I’ve ever experienced I am ready for some warmer, drier and calmer weather. At the end of the month the clocks go forwards and that means it starts getting lighter and I can’t wait. But you know what that means? It’s time to start thinking about the changing season and what that means about your content imagery. And here’s the answer to the frequently asked question about personal brand photography and ‘is it really expensive?!’.

lady in balck winter coat and yellow scarf walking

1. Staying up to date with imagery

Staying up to date with the seasons and having imagery that is reflective of the here and now is so important. When you are building a relationship with your audience to convert them into ideal clients and developing know, like and trust, you also need to remember that being able to relate to you is a critical part of that process. So, when your ideal client is looking at your imagery and posts whilst sat in their spring wardrobe, they don’t want to see you layered up in hats, gloves and scarves as it just doesn’t resonate or create that connection.

Aside from wardrobe and personal styling, think about the locations and settings, think about the difference in foliage, light etc during the changing seasons…..all this helps create CONNECTION with your ideal clients!

lady in striped top and blue jeans sat in wondow holding phone

2. What are you really paying for?

There’s often a misconception that personal brand photography can be really expensive and costs a lot, but in reality, you’re paying under £5.80 for each image which is a pretty good bargain in itself. But it isn’t just an image you’re paying for, it’s the specialism of your personal brand photographer. A specialist in understanding marketing, imagery the psychology of imagery, the buying and selling process… to help you with capturing and communicating your brand identity into your imagery and looking at your marketing strategy!!! Whoa…I know right. It’s way more than capturing a nice picture of you. There’s a whole art and science behind creating on brand imagery that sets you apart from your competitors and THAT’S what you’re paying for.


3. Up Level your business

To up level your business you need professional imagery. You can be selling an amazing service or product, however if your ‘shop window’ isn’t grabbing the attention of your ideal client you can’t up level! It’s a simple formula. The human brain processes images 60,000 time faster than text and the human brain will processes images which are easier to process, which means consistency in the style of the imagery, in the edit style, tones, filters/presents used and so on. So if you think it’s time to start thinking more seriously about your content imagery then get in touch.


So, what plans have you made to keep your content imagery relevant and relatable? Need some help or advice? If you want me to have a look through your current imagery and how you’re using it, why not book in for a 15 minute chat and lets see if I can help. Why not join me on a Thursday on my instagram stories I run an image review clinic. I look at how images are been used and how someones brand could profit more from their pictures with some useful tips.