How pictures can profit

As a specialist in personal brand photography I want to help my clients make more money. My goal as the expert in brand imagery is to not only provide my clients with on brand imagery, but to help them with how to use their imagery. Why, because the key to a sucessful business is good imagery and good use of imagery and knowing how to show up. To increase revenue and profits you not only want to grow your audience but nurture your exisiting audience by keeping them engaged and looking at YOU.

Yawning lady in grey top on personal brand shoot

1. Stop those long, late nights in front of the computer

Firstly, I want to give my clients more time to work on their businesses so they aren’t spending all their time working IN their business. It’s difficult to grown a business if you only work in the business. So by outsourcing their imagery creation to me, they are actually buying more time to spend in their business.

I saw a post a while ago calculating the time spent on creating your own images yourself and this is what it came up with:

The average time for creating imagery is 30 minutes per day for a DIY  image for a single post. You might think, nooooo; BUT here’s how that’s calcualted:

– Come up with the idea

– Do your hair and makeup

– Select your outfit

– Collect props

– Take tons of photos to get just 1 that works

– Add filters/edit to make it look half way decent

And suddenly you relaise that 30 minutes is actually quite accurate!

So lets work that out. 30 minutes per day = 45 HOURS per QUARTER

So 90 images is going to take 45 Hours per quarter.

That’s 180 hours per year!!!! OR 5 WEEKS full time work. Whooooooooaaaa!

Ok, so what is you don’t take that many yourself and use stock imagery? You still have to spend time searching for that right image!

My annual brand shoot with shoot time and planning calls is about 18 hours per year! Thats my ANNUAL package which provides enough images for 1 per day. That’s 10% of the time compared to doing it yourself. Crazy right?! What would you do with an extra 160 hours on your business a year?!

lady in green top looking over railingbusiness brand photos

2. How to use them

Having great images is brilliant. Sure, but what if you don’t actually know how to use them effectively? Having a portfolio of on brand images at your fingertips is great. But understanding how to show up properly is often a mystery. I work with clients to look at how they can use their images to create an amazing instagram grid that looks professional and eye catching and hits the all important 3 second rule. yep. You have 3 seconds to make an imapct, and that means having a grid and imagery that work cohesively together which means the brain can process things easier and therefore you are more likely to stay on a page longer to explore it. People are visually-oriented: 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual, and 65% of us are visual learners. Add to that the fact our brain procesess visuals 60,000 (YES, sixty THOUSAND) times faster than text!

Visuals attract our attention, enhance our emotions, and affect our attitude.

Alongside this is understanding how often to show up. You need to show up at least once every 9 tiles on Instagram. Even product based businesses need to show up. As consumers more and more we want to buy from brands we believe in, and it comes back to the old ‘people buy from people’ saying.

Studies have shown that we are drawn to human faces in imagery.  It’s familiar, it connects and draws the reader in. Images with a large foreground peripheral and a blurry background also work well.  Just make sure the foreground image is something that people can relate to.

lady doing press up in exercise clothes

3. Nurturing your audience

Now, getting your pictures to profit your business isn’t as simple as sticking up a solitary post per day and having a beautiful curated grid. Capturing who you are authentically within your images is critical as people will not follow you or engage with you if you don’t seem genuine. BUT you have to show up more, stories, facebok groups, blogs, websites which are search engine optimised (SEO), and you must show up on brand. Everything you create in your brand imagery, you brand identity, your voice, the messaging, your values, they must carry through beyond your shop window (grid/website Home page) and throughout your messaging.

smiling lady with cup of tea

4. It’s a two way street

I finally wanted to touch on something which goes amiss. Engagement. I learnt this the hard way when I was still in my days as a family photographer and trying to market myself but actually failing miserably. I truly was the invisible woman. A beautiful curated feed of images, daily posts BUT, I wasn’t engaging with anyone. Simply put, I wasn’t reaching out to my ideal clients so they weren’t looking for me!

5. My top tips for getting your pictures to profit

1. Ensure your grid on Instagram and images on Facebook, websites, blogs etc all ‘feel’ the same so your brand is identifiable through your images (the style, the edit/filters)

2. Make sure your Instagram gride looks bang on professional. Professional is what will pull in the punters when you’re selling. You are the expert/have what they want but they have to believe in you/your product. Make sure the way you place images is well thought out (scheduling tools like Later, Buffer and planoly have previews of your grid/scheduled posts so you can see how images work together.).

3. If doing your own images, think about getting someone to help so you don’t end up with selfies galore. And good lighting will transform an image.

4. Be consistent with your brand voice within all your imagery and when you show up on lives etc. People will begin to identify with your brand if they recognise it.

5. Remember it takes 21 touch points for someone to buy from you. That’s 21 times of seeing and hearing from you. And that means you have to be consistent in the way you show up.

Don’t let time and money be the barrier to your success. This is 2020 and it is YOUR year. If you want me to have a look through your current imagery and how you’re using it, why not book in for a 15 minute chat and lets see if I can help. Why not join me on a Thursday on my instagram stories I run an image review clinic. I look at how images are been used and how someone brands could profit more from their pictures with some useful tips.