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Getting the best from your personal brand shoot

This TOG of the North aka specialist personal brand photographer is here to give you my tips on the best way to be photographed on a personal branding shoot. If you follow me on social media, you’ll often hear me talk about this time and again. The

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What’s all the ‘who ha’ about you being so visible?!

Right, here it goes straight up! ‘People buy from people’! If you want to grow your business it’s so important that you show up and start building an online visibility which includes YOU. You as a personal brand. Posting images of your products

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What’s the Business Besties Branding shoot all about?

It was born! Yep, it wasn’t something I created, or had even thought about, it evolved from a day with a group of amazing women! So, what is it and why is it different to a ‘regular’ branding shoot? A personal branding shoot is usually a photos