Getting the best from your personal brand shoot

This TOG of the North aka specialist personal brand photographer is here to give you my tips on the best way to be photographed on a personal branding shoot.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll often hear me talk about this time and again. The absolute key thing to get you photographed at your best on a photoshoot is to get the relaxed you. I have talked in my previous blog HERE about why choosing the right photographer for YOU and your brand is so essential in achieving this so I won’t cover it in detail, but I will say again, ensuring you ‘click’ with your photographer is key to enabling you to relax on your shoot.

Remember why you’re doing this!

You want to build the Know, Like and Trust with your audience so they convert into paying clients. And that is achieved by capturing the real, relaxed you and your true personality.


Here’s my top three tips for the best way to be photographed at a shoot.

  1. Clothes, try and avoid logos (unless your own) and really busy patterns. Layering of tops is good as we can easily swap them around without having to find changing facilities and it brings more variety to your images. Avoid really baggy clothes whether you have a fuller figure or not as they can be really unflattering and make you appear bigger so just be conscious of this, however, don’t reach for the skin tight lycra either, as this is probably a no (unless you’re a Personal Trainer!)!


2. Posing is the worry everyone has. I will show you how to pose if you are struggling so don’t worry at all. Remember, I want you to LOVE your images and shout about how freaking amazing   your experience was, so I am going to work with you to get the absolute best I can. I will show you how shifting your weight to your back foot and adjusting your position slightly can make you look slimmer and trim down inches! Problem areas?! Nope, we can work with areas that worry you and I will adjust my shooting angle to ensure that the eye isn’t drawn to your worry spots (we all have them!!!)


branding photography

3. Laughing. I will be asking you to laugh and smile during the day. You will absolutely feel foolish, but smiles sell!!! Check out this article on why smiling is so important when it comes to attracting clients and selling.

branding photography

Finally, relax and enjoy the day. Yes, you may feel awkward at times (usually the first 5 minutes), but do you know what? Relaxing and having a good time will mean we get the amazing images that capture the who behind your brand.

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