Behind the Scenes of a Brand Shoot

What goes on behind the scenes of a shoot?

As a visibility Strategist, Mentor and Personal Brand photographer, clients often wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a shoot. So often we are afraid of the unknown and it can make us not do things. So this week I thought I’d share what goes on behind the scenes of a full brand shoot.

I would say 95% of my clients hate, and I mean detest having their picture taken but they still get out there and they still get visible, they have their images taken and they get out there and they use that imagery to get visible and stand out.

But what happens in the brand shoot to get that amazing imagery? How do we create bang on brand content? How do we get personality popping images that are going to stop people in the scroll that again will draw people into actually read your post, your story, your content, your blog your videos how do we create that?

Let me walk you through what that actually happens planning behind the scenes and so forth so you can see how we get those amazing images.

Step one

Somebody makes an enquiry drop me a DM. We book in a discovery call we chat through what are their issues where are they struggling with, what do they need (are they trying to rebrand, have they just run out of content and therefore they’re not showing up?)? So, we discuss that and then we look at the right package for them and then we book in a date.


lady in purple top walking and talking on phone

Step two

I send all the paperwork over on email (contract, invoice, questionnaire) so I can really start to learn more about the brand. I send over a what to wear guide; things like don’t forget to bring tins of hairspray with you if it’s windy, don’t forget to bring different tops, layer your tops so you know we can change the look easily. We discuss the fit of clothes so you look your best in camera. We talk props…things like bring a scarf, bring a hat, bring props… we talk about all those things and I give guidance on those.

Step three

We book in a full planning call. I go away from our discovery call and start putting things together but I can’t do this fully until we’ve had a full call. Why because I need to look at what’s coming up. I want to see what’s coming up in the next 3 to 6 months in your business what is in your plan. Are you launching something,  introducing new products or services? Wat’s going on and do we need to shoot for those specific things so that you have relevant imagery for your marketing strategy?


lady in pink top on video call on laptop

Step four

I do a lot of work behind-the-scenes planning location, planning the kind of images that we want to create ready for the day of the shoot. I’m not a big one for ‘Posey’ pictures. Until you get out with someone, you can’t know how they will feel in front of the camera, so you have to take the lead from them.  People just don’t generally want to be rigidly posed. I’m say something like, lets stand here or sit here and then I’ll talk I’ll be chatting on the other side of the camera and that’s when I get the natural and relaxed shots. I might then say drop you chin, turn your head this way a bit more, all while still keeping my client relaxed and happy. I’ve even been known to crack my dirty towel joke to help clients relax!

We’ll stop will have a drink will to relax even though it’s a relaxed day in many respects, there’s a lot of time on your feet and it can be exhausting so we stop for a cake break and a cuppa and often end the day with a cocktail! We take the day at your pace, yeah, we will do some funny selfies, get some content for Instagram stories or Facebook, some videos…. things that we can get out there to help with our visibility.



Viv is a bundle of energy that will keep you going long after your coffee has worn off! I  have just received my images – wow wow wow! I cannot thank you enough Viv, they perfectly match my brand and how I want to portray myself and I can’t wait to start using them. You completely put me at ease throughout the day and I am so glad to have met you. can’t wait for the next shoot now!

Zoe Dew

LADY IN GREEN SHIRT SITTING IN A BAR WITH DRINK LAUGHING northern brand photography lady doing hair Photographer giving lady in blue striped top and blue jeans posing tips

Step five

After the shoot it’s back home for me. As soon as I walk in the door my memory cards go into the computer and back up.  That is my first step. Nobody at home is allowed to talk to me until the cards are backing up!  Next step after that is what is called culling. Culling is when I go through all the images from the day. I use a piece of software called Photomechanic and I sift through and choose the best from the day.  We don’t want any blinking shots, ones where your hair has blown in front of your face. We want to get the best images so I cull, and they’re the images that I will then move over to Adobe Lightroom to start my first level of editing. I white balance, do any lens calibrations, adjustments to exposure, highlights, shadows, colour corrections that are necessary, crop as necessary make sure there is an Instagram portrait crop and landscape version of that image so they across different marketing platforms.

lady giving a thumbs up


I upload everything to an online gallery and email my clients with their link. That is available for my clients FOREVER so that they can go in and download as and when needed. The more shoots they have the more images are uploaded to that gallery so they have access to an online gallery at the click of a button no more looking for on brand images when content planning and scheduling…..easy peasy. It’s just a case of scrolling through everything that’s in there.


If you know you need to do SOMETHING, but don’t know what….then why not get in touch and we’ll have a chat.