7 ways to reuse a single personal brand image

As a Visibility Strategist and Personal Brand photographer, I know that time is often the biggest factor we all come up against in our businesses. So repurposing content is a logical way to save time AND get you message seen by as many of your audience and ideal clients as possible. The lovely Emily and Alan at Yellow Tuxedo created a great Vlog about repurposing content and it’s well worth a watch. Here I’m sharing ways to use a single personal brand image in multiple ways across multiple platforms. I’ll also share a peek into my own workflow so you can see how I plan out my content.

Aside from time, repurposing an image 7 times in 1 hit is great for maximising your return on investment (ROI) for your branding images. If the average cost per image from a full shoot is say £6, using an image 7 times means it’s actually the equivalent of just 85p. Plus, you’ll be able to reuse and repurpose that image in future months, meaning the cost per image is even lower! And who doesn’t want more bang for their buck?!

1. Blog

I start my week of scheduling with the creation of a blog. It’s the longest form of content and it provides me with the prompts for my posts, stories and video content. Coming up with a blog topic that is related to your marketing strategy and content plan is key. Everything has to be cohesive and created with purpose and intention. I plan out 6 weeks ahead on my content topics so that I don’t spend time every week having to plan what to write about. This is a sure-fire way for me to fail with consistency in my visibility strategy. I know I’m time poor and that when I sit down I need to know exactly what I’m doing so that I can create my content in a timely way. I try and include 5-7 paragraphs so that I can break each down into content for each day. In terms of imagery, I usually incorporate several images in my blog posts, however, you can just include 1 image and here’s how I repurpose that 7 times.

Lady in pink top at laptop 2 ladies having a cup of tea planning

2. Instagram post

After I’ve written my blog I will then start to write my daily posts. I will refer to my blog content and pull down information that I can create content around each day. So use 1 of your blog images for your daily Instagram post. You could also create a quote tile for your grid too for an extra piece of content!

3. Instagram Stories

My next step is to look at my content and posts each day and break those out into smaller stories, so you know you already have your image from your post which you can reuse in one of your stories.


4. Facebook post

I’ll create a Facebook post for my business page which incorporates the image and topic of content I’ve been using within my other posts.

5. IGTV cover picture

Why not create some video content? Video content is a great way to show your expertise in an area and share some useful tips and learnings that will add value to your audience. This helps develop the know, like and trust which are all essential parts of the buyer’s journey.

computer image with lady in black top

6. Email and YouTube

Using your image and the content you’ve created can form a great basis for your weekly email content. If you’re not a fan of images in emails then why not use it for your YouTube cover picture. When you create your IGTV content, you can repurpose this and publish to YouTube at the same time.

7. Engagement

Pinterest….drive engagement to your website, social media channels and more with Pins! Why not use your image in posts across other groups you are in and share your expertise to help others is a great way to create engagement or just to introduce yourself or create a social post. If you’re giving talks in another group why not use your image for your presentation or as an image that can be used for the group to introduce you?

So, there you have it. 7 (and a few more with point number 7)  ways to use 1 image multiple times. Saving you time and giving you more ROI! If you feel like you are getting through your personal branding images at a rate of knots then this is a great way to get more out of them and make them last a little bit longer.